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A founding member of The Delta Riggs, Alex Markwell has produced, mixed and co-written the entirety of the band’s critically acclaimed ouvre, including their Triple J Feature Album “Dipz Zabazios.”


Alongside numerous world tours and countless Australian dates with the Riggs, Alex has continued to hone his craft as a gifted producer and songwriter.


His talents as a multi-instrumentalist and world-class songwriter has been acknowledged with a publishing deal through BMG, seeing him work with the likes of Elliphant, Kita Alexander and Stellie.


Alex’s passion for great sounds and impeccable composition has made waves internationally, booking official remix work for Mark Ronson, Diplo, Portugal The Man, and Blackbear.


Complementing his drive to work with the best of the best, he remains dedicated to discovering and developing up and coming artists, and this is a large part of what keeps Alex a grounded, well-balanced producer.




Mark Ronson, Portugal The Man, Elliphant, Stellie, Diplo, The Delta Riggs, The Pretty Littles, Kita Alexander, BATZ

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